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ALTA/NSPS: These boundary surveys are prepared to a standard adopted by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. The standards and optional survey requirements (including but not limited to topographic survey, location of underground utilities, heights of buildings, flood zone designation and parking areas) of the ALTA survey are updated on a regular basis. The current one is from 2016.


Boundary Survey and Land Survey Plat: The Land Survey Plat will re-establish lost corners and boundary lines by using deeds and plats of your property. Using information gathered in the county records and in the field we will either find existing survey monuments or set missing monuments.  Colorado State statute 38-51-107 states that monuments re-established within a subdivision that was created more that twenty years ago shall be recorded with the County Land Surveyor. Sample of Land Survey Plat.


Condominium Map/Plat: Owners of condominium units need to know where there boundaries are. The condominium map defines the unit boundary both horizontally and vertically. These maps also show elements that are common to the condominium association and easements burdening the property. Sample of Condominium Plat.


Construction Surveying: Developers need to know where the boundary of the development parcel is as well as the location of proposed improvements. Using architectural site plans and engineered plans for foundations and infrastructure we can accurately stake positions for the lay out and construction of the many aspects of a construction site. Sample of Construction Surveying Plat.

Improvement Location Certificate: Commonly referred to as a 'mortgage survey', the Improvement Location Certificate (or ILC) is not a land survey.  These certificates show easements of record and improvements with their relationship to the boundary, but do not require setting any missing survey monuments.  The surveyors certificate states "that this is not a land survey plat or improvement survey plat, and that it is not to be relied upon for the establishment of fence, building or other future improvement lines."


Improvement Survey Plat: The Improvement Survey Plat (or ISP) is a combination of the Improvement Location Certificate and the Land Survey Plat. The ISP will show improvements to the lot, easements burdening and benefitting the lot, as well as found or set survey monuments at all lot corners.


Boundary Adjustment/Boundary Agreement: Sometimes the property line as surveyed is not the boundary that has been used by the adjoining parties.  These type of surveys help to clean the title to the land as well as inform the owners of their agreed upon boundary.


Subdivision Plat: When a developer of a large parcel of land needs a subdivision plat to create lots, building sites and roadways, they will need to have an adequate survey of the property as well as a subdivision designed according to the state and local authorities. Sample of Subdivision Plat.

Topographic Surveys: Used for design purposes by architects and engineers, these are also known as 'Existing Conditions' maps. These surveys show elevation contours of either one or two feet and existing visible improvements on all or a portion of a parcel. The client can choose to show underground utilities like electric, telephone, sewer and water services as well as anything else that may help in the design. Sample of Topographic Plat. Moreno Surveying has added the capability of using an sUAS (drone) for aerial surveying and mapping, a sample plat is shown here.


Easement Descriptions and Exhibits: Examples include when a utility company has a service line through a property or a neighbors driveway encroaches on your property. An easement can be created to burden or benefit the subject property. These exhibits show the easement area relative to the boundary. The description is a written document portraying a verbal description of the easement area.